When you need to install or repair your heating and air conditioning unit or your general ventilation system, you will need to search for professional HVAC companies to do the work for you. When looking through the abundance of companies in your area, whether you used a database or referrals from friends and family, there are questions you should ask and certain qualifications you should look for to make sure that you are getting the exact work you need for the best price.

The well-known database Angie’s List supplied an article discussing what to do when looking for HVAC experts to hire. In the article “How to Hire an HVAC Expert” Angie’s List recommended doing a fair amount of research before settling on a company to handle your air conditioning and heating needs. The article discusses the importance of checking a company’s qualifications as well as the proper questions to ask when interviewing companies.

What Qualifications to Look for in an HVAC Expert

Ventilation systems have changed throughout the years so it stands to reason that HVAC companies would have to change as well. Simple furnace repair has expanded into the realms of home air conditioning and heating systems that require special training. Since HVAC systems can be rather complicated it is important to make sure that the HVAC company you choose has well-trained staff and the proper credentials to do the job properly. Most HVAC experts need to work for two to five years in the field before they are granted a license in the field.

There are also many safety concerns regarding HVAC systems, so hiring a company with the proper knowledge of your specific system is crucial. They must know all of the safety issues surrounding electrical systems, any natural gas or oil systems, and the Freon in an air conditioning unit. They must also be up to date on information regarding carbon monoxide poisoning and how to properly install systems to prevent the escape of the gas.

Like most professional companies, an HVAC company usually has to hold special licenses to repair or install HVAC systems (this varies by location). Specifically, some companies may need to hold a separate plumber’s license along with their HVAC certification since HVAC systems depend on repairing or installing plumbing, too. This is sometimes simplified by having a licensed plumber on call during jobs.

Questions to Ask HVAC Experts

There are a few questions that you will want to ask your air conditioning and heating experts before deciding to hire them. When interviewing companies for your heating and air conditioning needs ask for these things:

* Relevant licenses, insurance, and bonding
* References from recent customers
* Written, detailed estimates with completion dates
* Brands of equipment offered
* Experience with certain systems (important if you have an old system or a high-tech system)
* Availability of tax breaks or rebates and the corresponding documents
* Possible payment schedule
* Service contract for repairs

By asking these questions and doing the proper research before hiring an expert to handle your heating and air conditioning unit, you will be better prepared to negotiate with multiple HVAC companies.

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(Image and excerpt from How to Hire an HVAC Expert)