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Bathroom Remodel Tips

Dona DeZube of HouseLogic covered some expert tips in her article Inside Tips from a Designer.

Designer Jamie Gibbs in his own words about bathroom remodeling, said, “I liked being shocked by details in a little space, especially if it’s not going to be used much”. Let’s have a look at his bathroom remodel tips:


A bathroom that is regularly used should not be given much texture. Texture may become a point of collection for toothpaste, mold, and other things due to heavy use.
If the tile seals are compromised due to incorrect installation, the water may leak underneath. If you are using no-enclosure showers with drains right in the floor, you should make the floor waterproof or the material may decompose.


In bath remodel projects, you should use opaque windows to let the light filter into all corners of the bath. A small window will keep the place dark, increasing your electricity bills. Also, make sure your water condensation rolls off the window into an appropriate place.

Space Savers

Wall mounted toilets and bidets are always space saving options if the water tank is going into the wall. In case where you’re sharing a wall with a neighbor, this won’t be an option.
Use a single handle faucets rather than separate handle fixtures in bathroom remodeling. If the bathroom is small, you can always save some space using small fixtures.
Use a 22” vanity instead of a 24” vanity and save space using a wall mount faucet. It will make a reduced depth vanity work in a small place.

There will be a space between handles and the faucet of any space saving fixtures. If someone is using a vessel sink, it should be large enough but not too high. If it is high, there will be a chance that the fitting may come loose. “If you can only get a toothbrush in it to clean, you’ll save space, but it’s functionally stupid,”

A pedestal sink may be good looking, but there’s no place to set anything. So, it is almost all form and no function.

Although it looks like wall mounted vanities are space savers, they create dead space between the vanity and the floor, producing an area that is hard to clean.

Go European and put up a glass between the master bathroom and bedroom to create the illusion of more space.

Go for a complete bathroom remodel with custom vanities to decorate tiles. Dream big and let your bath remodel be in your style and budget. We do single updates to complete transformations at a reasonable price.

(Image and Excerpt from 10 Inside Tips From a Designer Who Specializes in Small Baths)