Your heating system takes cold air, and cleans it with the air filter. After that, the furnace heats the air and distributes it. Furnaces keep your home warm and comfortable during cold and chilly winters. But every once in a while your gas furnace will give you problems that you need to troubleshoot.

You may need special troubleshooting skills with conventional furnaces, as they have electrical ignitions. If you need any help with heating repair, you can contact us anytime. Our expert HVAC contractor team will provide you with quality heating repair service.

Poor Heating from Your Furnace

When your furnace is not producing enough heat, which may indicate you need a different repair service. Some possible causes of furnace not producing enough heat are:

  • Dirty air filter of the furnace
  • Gas burner needs adjustments
  • Obstructed air flow to combustion air chamber

There are also some possible repairs for those problems. You can replace the dirty air filter or you can contact us to solve the issue for you. Our technicians are well experienced to do the burner adjustment. Consult with our experts regarding your room furnace repair.

More Furnace Repair Possibilities

Another problem is when gas burner blower does not turn off at all, which means it is running all the time. Some possible causes may be

  • Thermostat set to fan continuous
  • Faulty fan limit control switch on the furnace
  • You can change the fan setting and see if the problem is solved otherwise you have to replace the furnace fan limit control switch.

If your furnace has a noisy operation you need to repair it quickly. Some causes of noisy operation can be:

  • Slipping blower belt
  • Motor or shaft bearings in need of oiling
  • Dirty gas burners, if the problem occurs with the burners on

Professional HVAC Contractor Service

You can call our professionals to have burners adjusted or cleaned. Our HVAC contractor will provide you effective and efficient repair service. We have a well-trained HVAC contractor team, to handle your room heating issues. We serve Denver, CO and the entire Denver metro area, including Aurora, CO, Morrison, CO, Evergreen, CO, Broomfield, CO, Arvada, CO, Northglenn, CO, and Commerce City, CO.

(Image and excerpt from “HVAC Troubleshooting”)

By: Bill Havens

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