When you are buying a new home, like other buyers, you will need to thoroughly do a house inspection. Bust most people commit the mistake of not inspecting the sewer system. A sewer inspection is as important as anything else you might look for. You must be sure that you have a functional waste removal system. Your general home inspector should advise you to do the sewer inspection because sewer drain repair cost can be very high. Drain line inspection is something that you should always do before moving to a new house.

“Doing a Sewer Line Inspection When Buying a Home”, an article by Scott Carmody, describes sewer inspection procedures before buying a new home.

You won’t remember your sewer line until something goes wrong with it. If the home is old, then sewer inspection is very important. Consider the cost of repairing or even replacing the drain. Sewer drain repair can cost you a lot. A sewer inspection may cost you some money, but it is nothing compared to the repair cost. Some houses will be on a sewer and others may be on a septic system. Old houses were initially on septic systems and afterwards connected to the sewer line. Some bad plumbing work can lead to a clogged and damaged drainage system.

The maintenance of the sewer line from the home to the sewer is the responsibility of the house owner. A clogged and cracked sewer line can cost a lot to fix or replace. Periodic maintenance will ensure a functional and working sewer line as designed. Replacing or doing sewer drain repair is not cheap. Doing a sewer inspection before moving to a new house can save you a decent amount of money.

Most of the times after you complete the sewer inspection, you will find some tree root intrusion. If the sewer line is completely damaged, then it needs to be replaced. Many problems can occur in a sewer line; it can crack, separate, crush; or might just collapse. If the sewer lines are old, then the risk of a sewer line collapse is more than normal.

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Hiring a well-equipped sewer inspection company may cost you a little, but you will get thorough results. We have cameras for your sewer inspection work. The cameras run through the line and look for problems. You will find some peace of mind by spending a few dollars.

A clogged sewer line can be repaired without digging up the whole backyard, but if new fittings are required and you need to replace the sewer line, then you have to do some digging.

Always ask for a sewer inspection before buying a new property. It will cost a little, but you will be able to save thousands.

(Image and excerpt from “Doing a Sewer Line Inspection When Buying a Home”)