Homeowners in Denver should know when to have their sewer lines cleaned, and what they can expect when they hire contractors to do the job. On the one hand, they may be spending unnecessary costs; on another, they may be facing major problems if they delay the job.

Angie Hicks, founder of the popular consumer site Angie’s List, has some answers on when and how often a sewer should be cleaned:

“Typically, sewer drain cleaning on an “as-needed” basis will work for most homeowners, assuming the cleaning is done before a clog causes a drain backup that spills raw sewage into the home and creates costly cleanup and repair.”

“A clogged sewer line will usually offer clues before it backs up completely. The most common signs of a clogged line are gurgling sounds that come from drains and toilets; water backing up out of, or pooling around, drains or toilets; or the smell of raw sewage coming from drains. Most companies can clear a clogged line quickly and for less than $150 before it becomes a major issue.”


Especially in older homes, tree roots that penetrate sewer lines are the most common causes of sewer line clogging. Clogging in newer homes often come from materials like baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, and thick toilet paper that find their way into the sewer system. The sewer-cleaning professionals should step in once clogging occurs.


Some Denver sewer professionals run a cable called a drain auger through the clog to try clearing it. If the professional is unable to determine the root cause of the problem, he can suggest a camera inspection. Professional cleaners typically offer an inspection job after trying to clear the sewer instead of before.


The inspection may then call for heavy-duty cleaning of the sewer line. Reputable sewer cleaning companies make use of special tools and equipment that can effectively address the main sources of clogging. These can include high-powered machines that can cut through tree roots that may have penetrated the sewer lines, and water jetters that can spray water at high pressures to flush out not only bigger material blockages, but residue and smaller particles, such as grease and leftover food as well.

Regular maintenance of sewer lines should not be overlooked by homeowners if they wish to avoid unpleasant surprises in their plumbing system. Some of the well-established sewer maintenance companies in Denver, such as Freedom Plumbing, also offer other household care and repair services such as HVAC repair in Denver, CO. Homeowners can therefore enjoy the convenience of a one-stop shop contractor that can address many of their home maintenance concerns.

(Article Information and Image from How often should a sewer drain be cleaned?, Angie’s List)