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Denver Plumbers Expand to New Location to Increase Service Coverage

Denver, Colorado (February 10, 2014) – Freedom Plumbing recently opened a new branch in Denver in order to serve more customers in the greater Denver metro area, as well as in the western and northern suburbs. Through the expansion, the company is now able to attend to more homeowners who are looking for reliable plumbers in Denver and in other surrounding areas.

Following the success of their original Morrison location and recognizing the growing need for quality plumbing services in the Denver area, the company decided to put up its second branch and increase their coverage. Located at 3773 Cheery Creek North Drive #575, the new branch offers the same set of services as their other branch. They assist homeowners who encounter plumbing issues like leaks, freezes, and clogged drains, which could result in serious water damage if left unattended.

They also offer heating and furnace maintenance, inspections, and repairs, which translate to better performance of their furnaces and more energy-efficient homes. Furthermore, they repair air conditioning systems and replace the ones that can no longer perform at acceptable levels.

With the goal of providing exceptional services for residential and commercial clients, Freedom Plumbing ensures attention to detail, quality, and commitment to integrity when dealing with their customers. They employ well-trained and highly skilled plumbers and technicians who are guided by respect and dedication towards remarkable workmanship.

The company has also added bathroom remodeling in their list of services for homeowners who want to improve and upgrade their bathrooms and keep up with the recent remodeling trends. To learn more and to request for a free consultation, visit www.DenverPlumbingConsultants.com.

About Freedom Plumbing

The company employs professional Denver plumbers and technicians who are adept at the latest repair and maintenance methods and strategies. They are licensed, bonded, and insured, which make them one of the most trusted plumbing consultants in the area.

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Services from Denver Plumbers that Won’t Spring a Leak in Your Wallet


Get affordable and efficient plumbing services and more when you hire Freedom Plumbing

  • Save $35 on service fees

Excellent savings and value from your reliable plumbers in Denver!

It doesn’t matter if your home is newly built or has been with your family for generations – plumbing problems will definitely sneak up on you once in a while. Thankfully, there are dependable Denver plumbers you can count on during such emergencies.

When is the right time to call professionals for help? Any urgent situation is the “right” time. Thus, at Freedom Plumbing, we’re making things easier for you by taking away our service call fee when you come to us for help with your plumbing, HVAC and bathroom remodeling needs. That’s right! You get a FREE service call when you hire us – and that means saving $35! Now that’s great savings from a quality plumbing company in Denver!

When your main line fails—such as when the toilet begins to back up into your tub or shower— DIY fixes are definitely a no-no. Your water heater is another dangerous equipment to repair on your own because of the scalding water and the electrical currents running within the system.

In such emergencies, call our hotline so we can clear any clogs or fix any busted pipes. With our free service call, you need not hesitate a moment longer.

  • Free service call for customers who avail of any of our services in plumbing, heating and air conditioning, and bathroom remodeling
  • Save $35
  • Promo is ongoing
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HVAC Companies Advice: How to Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit

Like many things in our homes, air conditioners are always getting used, but we only pay attention to them when it’s too late. That’s when we call the HVAC professional to come over and check on the air conditioner, and we try not to think about the bill. Most HVAC companies neglect to share with us the information about how we can maintain our own air conditioner. Based on an article from Networx, the following will tell you how to do it yourself.

Most of our air conditioners are only checked once a year by HVAC companies. But that’s not enough if you want your air conditioner to last a long time. You should check it more often, especially in the warmer seasons, when you use it more. Here we are going to show you how the maintenance team checks on your air conditioner.

Annual A/C Maintenance List:

1. Clear the outdoor condenser coils and the indoor evaporator units

The coil is created from the refrigerant lines and from the radiator-like fins that match the cabinet to your outdoor A/C. The evaporator is the interior equivalent to the outdoor unit, and has its own coil. There may be some dirt around this area, which will cause the system’s efficiency to be reduced, and might also cause stress for the mechanical parts.

2. Watch the refrigerant level

Having too much refrigerant can make the compressor work too hard, thus reducing the system’s efficiency and lifetime.

3. Check drain pans and condensate drains

These places should be checked, to see that nothing is interfering with the openings, so residue is not able to accumulate.

4. Check the outdoor fan motor and blades, as well as the indoor blower

5. Inspect all the tubing

6. Add lubrication to the moving parts

Old A/C systems contain some parts that need lubrication as time goes by. Nowadays, systems usually don’t need to be lubed, since these parts are sealed

7. Check all the electrical parts

All wiring, connections and electrical controls should be checked to see if anything is out of the proper place or damaged.

8. Clean the air filters

9. Perform a general test

When you call HVAC companies, tell them to do a general test of your A/C to check for malfunctions, unusual smells and noises, irregular temperatures and system pressure.

10. Inspect your ducts for leaks and debris

You should call a ductwork service person every once in a while to check for air leakage, debris on the air conditioner walls and other kinds of problems. This might be one of the main problems for A/C failures.

How Can You Help Maintain Your Air Conditioner During the Cold Months?

These are the months you just wish to get home and turn on the heat almost every day, but that’s why you should keep an eye out for your A/C. Check the furnace filters, remove dirt from the outdoor condenser, ensure that the unit is cleared of vegetation for 2 feet around it so the air can flow to the condenser coil without blockage.

If you need help with any of these procedures, just gives us a call and we will be glad to address whatever issues you’re experiencing. We serve Denver, CO and the entire Denver metro area, including Aurora, CO, Morrison, CO, Evergreen, CO, Broomfield, CO, Arvada, CO, Northglenn, CO, and Commerce City, CO.

(Article excerpt from Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist)
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What to Look for When Hiring HVAC Companies

When you need to install or repair your heating and air conditioning unit or your general ventilation system, you will need to search for professional HVAC companies to do the work for you. When looking through the abundance of companies in your area, whether you used a database or referrals from friends and family, there are questions you should ask and certain qualifications you should look for to make sure that you are getting the exact work you need for the best price.

The well-known database Angie’s List supplied an article discussing what to do when looking for HVAC experts to hire. In the article “How to Hire an HVAC Expert” Angie’s List recommended doing a fair amount of research before settling on a company to handle your air conditioning and heating needs. The article discusses the importance of checking a company’s qualifications as well as the proper questions to ask when interviewing companies.

What Qualifications to Look for in an HVAC Expert

Ventilation systems have changed throughout the years so it stands to reason that HVAC companies would have to change as well. Simple furnace repair has expanded into the realms of home air conditioning and heating systems that require special training. Since HVAC systems can be rather complicated it is important to make sure that the HVAC company you choose has well-trained staff and the proper credentials to do the job properly. Most HVAC experts need to work for two to five years in the field before they are granted a license in the field.

There are also many safety concerns regarding HVAC systems, so hiring a company with the proper knowledge of your specific system is crucial. They must know all of the safety issues surrounding electrical systems, any natural gas or oil systems, and the Freon in an air conditioning unit. They must also be up to date on information regarding carbon monoxide poisoning and how to properly install systems to prevent the escape of the gas.

Like most professional companies, an HVAC company usually has to hold special licenses to repair or install HVAC systems (this varies by location). Specifically, some companies may need to hold a separate plumber’s license along with their HVAC certification since HVAC systems depend on repairing or installing plumbing, too. This is sometimes simplified by having a licensed plumber on call during jobs.

Questions to Ask HVAC Experts

There are a few questions that you will want to ask your air conditioning and heating experts before deciding to hire them. When interviewing companies for your heating and air conditioning needs ask for these things:

* Relevant licenses, insurance, and bonding
* References from recent customers
* Written, detailed estimates with completion dates
* Brands of equipment offered
* Experience with certain systems (important if you have an old system or a high-tech system)
* Availability of tax breaks or rebates and the corresponding documents
* Possible payment schedule
* Service contract for repairs

By asking these questions and doing the proper research before hiring an expert to handle your heating and air conditioning unit, you will be better prepared to negotiate with multiple HVAC companies.

While we serve Denver, CO and the entire Denver metro area, including Aurora, CO, Morrison, CO, Evergreen, CO, Broomfield, CO, Arvada, CO, Northglenn, CO, and Commerce City, CO, this information can be used in any location where HVAC experts work.

(Image and excerpt from How to Hire an HVAC Expert)

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Bathroom Remodel: Make it Functional & Beautiful

Turn your bathroom into a beautiful place with a simple bathroom remodel. Our bathroom remodel services are well within your budget and will be perfect for your home. We serve Denver, CO and the entire Denver metro area, including Aurora, CO, Morrison, CO, Evergreen, CO, Broomfield, CO, Arvada, CO, Northglenn, CO, and Commerce City, CO.

Bathroom Remodel Tips

Dona DeZube of HouseLogic covered some expert tips in her article Inside Tips from a Designer.

Designer Jamie Gibbs in his own words about bathroom remodeling, said, “I liked being shocked by details in a little space, especially if it’s not going to be used much”. Let’s have a look at his bathroom remodel tips:


A bathroom that is regularly used should not be given much texture. Texture may become a point of collection for toothpaste, mold, and other things due to heavy use.
If the tile seals are compromised due to incorrect installation, the water may leak underneath. If you are using no-enclosure showers with drains right in the floor, you should make the floor waterproof or the material may decompose.


In bath remodel projects, you should use opaque windows to let the light filter into all corners of the bath. A small window will keep the place dark, increasing your electricity bills. Also, make sure your water condensation rolls off the window into an appropriate place.

Space Savers

Wall mounted toilets and bidets are always space saving options if the water tank is going into the wall. In case where you’re sharing a wall with a neighbor, this won’t be an option.
Use a single handle faucets rather than separate handle fixtures in bathroom remodeling. If the bathroom is small, you can always save some space using small fixtures.
Use a 22” vanity instead of a 24” vanity and save space using a wall mount faucet. It will make a reduced depth vanity work in a small place.

There will be a space between handles and the faucet of any space saving fixtures. If someone is using a vessel sink, it should be large enough but not too high. If it is high, there will be a chance that the fitting may come loose. “If you can only get a toothbrush in it to clean, you’ll save space, but it’s functionally stupid,”

A pedestal sink may be good looking, but there’s no place to set anything. So, it is almost all form and no function.

Although it looks like wall mounted vanities are space savers, they create dead space between the vanity and the floor, producing an area that is hard to clean.

Go European and put up a glass between the master bathroom and bedroom to create the illusion of more space.

Go for a complete bathroom remodel with custom vanities to decorate tiles. Dream big and let your bath remodel be in your style and budget. We do single updates to complete transformations at a reasonable price.

(Image and Excerpt from 10 Inside Tips From a Designer Who Specializes in Small Baths)

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Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

Many people find it difficult to plan a remodel for their bathroom. A well remodeled bathroom will serve you with comfort for years. If you are planning a bathroom remodel, you should know how to do it efficiently.

There are many cases where the property owner has spent a lot on bathroom remodeling but without any expert planning. The result is a waste of money and an uncomfortable, unplanned bathroom remodel. Making quick decisions without giving it much thought is not wise in bathroom remodeling. You may end up wasting money without any satisfaction.
Robert Robillard wrote about how to do bathroom remodeling in his article “How to Plan a Bathroom Remodel”.

An Expertly Remodeled Bathroom

Knowing about different steps and ways of doing a bath remodel is wise. You should ask questions and do some research to reach a decision on what you want. If you see other bath remodel projects, you will get an idea about what will be suitable for you. Get some ideas about how your bathroom will look after the remodeling.

Make a complete plan to avoid unnecessary costs and labor. Use a checklist of your required materials and always buy quality materials for your bathroom remodel. We can provide you with the best bathroom materials. We serve Denver, CO and the entire Denver metro area, including Aurora, CO, Morrison, CO, Evergreen, CO, Broomfield, CO, Arvada, CO, Northglenn, CO, and Commerce City, CO.

A Well Thought Out Plan

Think about the whole bathroom remodel procedure and make a plan. Write it down so you don’t miss anything. Consider the problems that could arise during the remodeling process. Hire a contractor if you are finding it difficult to reach a decision. Don’t be too hasty. It is not wise to rush a bathroom remodeling project. Sometimes, a single contractor cannot make all the decisions, so discuss the project with different contractors according to their field.

Talk to your contractor about how he will manage the work, the payments, and their schedule. A clean job will eliminate any possibilities of safety hazards. A well planned job is the most professional work. Plan your bath remodel carefully so you can avoid future problems.

Coordinated Work & Communication

Coordinating the different procedures is very important while doing a bathroom remodel. Without proper coordination, the whole project will be in total chaos. Learning the steps and following them precisely is the key factor. This will require proper communication between workers. A bathroom remodel will require cabinets, fixtures, faucet and counters. Without coordination, there could be improper installations of these fixtures.

Fixture Selection within Your Budget

You should select the fixtures you’ll need for your bathroom remodel early on. We offer you the most elegant and space saving fixtures at a reasonable price.

A proper plan will save your time and money, so plan your work and get a beautifully remodeled bathroom.

(Image and excerpt from “How to Plan a Bathroom Remodel”)

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How to Get the Best Plumbing Services and Plumbing Repair Services

Plumbing is one of the most necessary services that you need for your home.  As Danny Lipford notes, whether you are new in the house or have been there for ages, if you are looking for good plumbing services in your area, talk to your neighbors or search online for local service providers.

We are a plumbing business of many years that can provide you with all the plumbing services you need. We have expert, dependable and honest emergency plumbers who are available for 24 hours a day and offer immediate plumbing services when you ask for them. We serve Denver, CO and the entire Denver metro area, including Aurora, CO, Morrison, CO, Evergreen, CO, Broomfield, CO, Arvada, CO, Northglenn, CO, and Commerce City, CO.

How to Find Quality Plumbing Services

Finding a quality plumbing service provider is important. Seeking advice from your family, friends, and most importantly, from your close neighbors is the best way of choosing the right plumbing service providers. You can find a dependable emergency plumber through contacting local building contractors and real estate dealers because these people may have several contacts for their work purposes in sales of homes or in construction and remodeling projects.

You can also find a good plumbing services provider on your own through searching online for who provides plumbing services in your area. Once you find a few, select one of them based on the following things: all the services they offer to the clients, including plumbing installation and plumbing repair services. Visit their clients’ feedback page, see the reviews and recommendations they have received on their services. And most importantly, look for an emergency plumber because if any emergency occurs in your home, waiting for service won’t be wise. So it is a good idea to establish contact with your chosen service provider before you actually need an emergency plumber.

Professional and Emergency Plumbing Repair

A homeowner who can handle the smaller plumbing repairs themselves can save some money. This includes repairing a dripping faucet or removing the clog from a drain, but if a bigger problem occurs there, you may need professional plumbing repair services. If you face any plumbing problem and that it is beyond your maintenance capabilities, instantly call for an emergency plumber. An emergency plumber can solve your problem as soon as possible and can save you from both extensive damage and extensive cost.

(Image and excerpt from “Hiring a Qualified Plumber”)

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Sewer Inspection and Repair

If you are thinking of moving to a new house or your sewers are giving you trouble, then it is time for a sewer inspection. Many house owners don’t understand the necessity of a sewer inspection. Many people will inspect the house, but the sewers are always ignored. Sewer inspection is important in any other house inspection and everyone should conduct a sewer inspection before buying a new house. After the sewer inspection, you may have to do some sewer drain repair work.

Elizabeth Weintraub wrote in her article, “Sewer Inspections for Older Homes”, about how to do a sewer inspection before moving to a new place.

Why Conduct a Sewer Inspection?

There are many problems that can occur in a sewer line. One of the most common problems is tree roots growing into the sewer line. Roots will crawl through the small openings and expand throughout the pipes. These tree roots can cause serious damage to the sewer lines. Using chemicals can kill the tree roots, but if they are not removed completely, you may end up with a broken sewer pipe.

Sewers lines are generally very old and most of them will require some fixing sooner or later. Inspecting the sewer line before moving to a new house is the best idea to avoid any future problems.

Flooring for your Bathroom Remodeling

When choosing a new flooring during bath remodeling, you should think about 4 things:

  • Style
  • Durability
  • Water resistance
  • How easily cleaned it is

There are many different types of flooring to choose from, but ceramic, stone, or marble tiles fit the above considerations best, for bathroom remodeling. If you choose tile, but think that it will be too cold, an option that may work for your bath remodel, is to install subfloor heating coils, which would keep these floors warm.

How to Do a Sewer Inspection

You can simply call a plumbing company to inspect your sewer lines. Ask them whether they are going to use a camera for the sewer inspection. Generally, the plumbers will attach a video camera to something and you will be able to see the video feed from the sewer line. You will get a clear picture of whether your sewer is clean or clogged. If the sewer is damaged, ask the plumbers what kind of materials should be used to replace that portion. It might cost you a little for the sewer inspection process, but compared to the cost of replacing the sewer, it is very small.

We conduct all kinds of sewer inspection and sewer drain repair in Denver, CO and the entire Denver metro area, including Aurora, CO, Morrison, CO, Evergreen, CO, Broomfield, CO, Arvada, CO, Northglenn, CO, and Commerce City, CO.

Results from the Sewer Inspection

The results of a sewer inspection vary according to the time when the sewer was built. Sometimes, when you expect the worst, you might end up with a clean sewer. Sometimes, the results are shocking and you might have to replace a completely clogged and collapsed sewer line. This may require digging up the whole yard to reconstruct and replace the sewer.

Sometimes, you might require ewer drain repair, which is not that costly. Our expert plumbers will provide you with the best sewer drain repair work in the area.

Don’t delay with your sewer inspection. Do it today to avoid higher repair expenses in the future.

(Image and excerpt from “Sewer Inspections for Older Homes”)

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Sewer Inspection and Sewer Drain Repair Techniques

When you are buying a new home, like other buyers, you will need to thoroughly do a house inspection. Bust most people commit the mistake of not inspecting the sewer system. A sewer inspection is as important as anything else you might look for. You must be sure that you have a functional waste removal system. Your general home inspector should advise you to do the sewer inspection because sewer drain repair cost can be very high. Drain line inspection is something that you should always do before moving to a new house.

“Doing a Sewer Line Inspection When Buying a Home”, an article by Scott Carmody, describes sewer inspection procedures before buying a new home.

You won’t remember your sewer line until something goes wrong with it. If the home is old, then sewer inspection is very important. Consider the cost of repairing or even replacing the drain. Sewer drain repair can cost you a lot. A sewer inspection may cost you some money, but it is nothing compared to the repair cost. Some houses will be on a sewer and others may be on a septic system. Old houses were initially on septic systems and afterwards connected to the sewer line. Some bad plumbing work can lead to a clogged and damaged drainage system.

The maintenance of the sewer line from the home to the sewer is the responsibility of the house owner. A clogged and cracked sewer line can cost a lot to fix or replace. Periodic maintenance will ensure a functional and working sewer line as designed. Replacing or doing sewer drain repair is not cheap. Doing a sewer inspection before moving to a new house can save you a decent amount of money.

Most of the times after you complete the sewer inspection, you will find some tree root intrusion. If the sewer line is completely damaged, then it needs to be replaced. Many problems can occur in a sewer line; it can crack, separate, crush; or might just collapse. If the sewer lines are old, then the risk of a sewer line collapse is more than normal.

Call us today for any sewer inspection or sewer drain repair work. We will provide you with our skilled and experienced professionals to handle your sewer related problem. We serve Denver, CO and the entire Denver metro area, including Aurora, CO, Morrison, CO, Evergreen, CO, Broomfield, CO, Arvada, CO, Northglenn, CO, and Commerce City, CO.

Hiring a well-equipped sewer inspection company may cost you a little, but you will get thorough results. We have cameras for your sewer inspection work. The cameras run through the line and look for problems. You will find some peace of mind by spending a few dollars.

A clogged sewer line can be repaired without digging up the whole backyard, but if new fittings are required and you need to replace the sewer line, then you have to do some digging.

Always ask for a sewer inspection before buying a new property. It will cost a little, but you will be able to save thousands.

(Image and excerpt from “Doing a Sewer Line Inspection When Buying a Home”)

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6 Great Bathroom Remodeling Tips

When you are doing a bath remodeling job, it’s important to consider many things. The finished room should be exactly how you want it, from stylishness to practicality.

Choosing your Fixtures and Bathtub

When doing a bath remodel, one of the most important (and fun) parts is choosing a new tub and fixtures. Finding the balance between comfort, practicality, and style, shouldn’t be too difficult, but it is important, so take your time.

If you are leaning toward style, a pedestal sink and claw-foot, classic tub will lend a great deal of style to your bath remodel. If space is an issue, you could choose a smaller, deeper style of tub.

You shouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg to find a quality toilet, but you will need to put about $300-$400 into your toilet purchase, if you want it to last as long as the rest of your bathroom remodeling.

You should always sit in a tub before purchasing it, if possible. Make sure that you are comfortable in it, because regardless of style, your bath should be a comfortable place for you, and what works for one person may not for another.

Flooring for your Bathroom Remodeling

When choosing a new flooring during bath remodeling, you should think about 4 things:

  • Style
  • Durability
  • Water resistance
  • How easily cleaned it is

There are many different types of flooring to choose from, but ceramic, stone, or marble tiles fit the above considerations best, for bathroom remodeling. If you choose tile, but think that it will be too cold, an option that may work for your bath remodel, is to install subfloor heating coils, which would keep these floors warm.

Hidden Storage

You can take advantage of the space between your wall studs, creating large standing cabinets inside the walls. The cabinet should be at least 3 inches deep, and have the door flush with your wall.

Finding the Perfect Shower

Finding the perfect shower for your bath remodel, depends on a few different things. Some people choose to save space, by incorporating a shower into their bathtub; some have the space for a small shower stall and a bathtub.

Many people that are bathroom remodeling are building a shower. This is a great choice, if you have the space for it, because it allows you unlimited options, including:

  • Any size
  • Any style
  • Door vs curtain vs open concept
  • More than one shower head

Lighting for Your Bath Remodeling

For great ambience, install a dimmer switch with your lighting in your bathroom. This way, you can have good bright lighting to prepare for your day, and dim, relaxing lighting for an evening bath.

Bath Remodeling by Professional Plumbers

Especially if you aren’t experienced with construction, plumbing, and electricity, you should hire a reliable plumber for your bathroom remodeling project. We serve Denver, CO and the entire Denver metro area, including Aurora, CO, Morrison, CO, Evergreen, CO, Broomfield, CO, Arvada, CO, Northglenn, CO, and Commerce City, CO.

(Image and excerpt from Top 10 Bathroom Renovation Tips)

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